Tixguru Security

The protection of our members' intellectual property is one of our core promises. Our success and the success of our members hinge on us keeping that promise. Our members have run millions of years worth of backtests and directed millions of dollars in assets through Tixguru live-trading algorithms, and we have never suffered a security breach which compromised their algorithms. We intend to keep it that way.

We always appreciate your input and feedback on our security practices. To report any possible security issues or other questions, please email us at security@tixguru.co. Please see below for additional information about vulnerability reporting.

Our approach to security

Here's how we think about and maintain the security of our application.

Layers of security

There's no one trick that makes a web site secure, no wall one can erect that will completely keep out the bad guys. Effective security requires multiple layers of controls and precautions, so that even if one layer is compromised, overall security remains intact. For example, the environment in which we execute each trading algorithm is isolated from the rest of our application, and from all the other executing algorithms, in at least three different, independent ways. Even if there were a flaw in one of those isolation strategies which allowed it to be compromised, the others would remain intact.

Best practices

We employ many industry best practices to maintain our application's security. For example:

Members of our team maintain their security expertise by subscribing to industry security periodicals and email lists and participating in various security forums.

Constant vigilance

Keeping our application secure is a continuous effort. Our ongoing security activities include:

Maximum transparency

We value transparency in all we do, and we think it is particularly important when it comes to security. We have been always been, and will continue to be, honest and forthcoming about the security of our application. When it comes to the security of your data, we don't expect you to take us at our word; we know we need to earn your trust.